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About Us Tandy Services

You may ask, "What is Tandy Services?". That is a good question. Tandy Services is the parent of an array of websites that vary in their specialties and subject matter.
James and I (Deb) are truckers and we try and make websites that will interest others and it gives us something to do in our down time. As truckers, most of our websites have to do with the trucking industry. But we do have other websites that have nothing to do with the trucking industry and encompass other areas of interest. You should check them out and see what all we have to offer a variety of individuals with diverse interests.
James builds the websites and does all of the "behind the scenes" work with all of the coding and such that I have no understanding of. He has tried to teach me some of it, but I think I may be a lost cause in that aspect of the Websites. So I add the content (articles, images, polls, faq's, etc.) to the websites so that others have something to see when they go to the site.

We try to work on the websites every time that we stop for the day, to ensure that any bugs or problems get fixed as soon as possible. Working on all of the websites is something that we enjoy and hope that others will find fun, helpful or interesting.

Established: 10th july, 1998

Language: English

Owner Names: Deb & James Tandy

Freelance: Not Available